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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The world synches in thinks. Yes, the function is clear and everything must fall into line, and work like everything else. Nothing is allowed if it does not work for money. Even charity is a money function. Jesus would be looked upon as an illogic in todays traffic. The public good is second to making money because money, and NOT benefits to society, is a motivator, and because the realm is money. Benefits may play in a political sense, but the law governing it is money.

Innovation and change are allowed if they mean money to someone, mostly to corporations, which is simply the legal function of doing/making for money. After that, there is the insurance concerns, the inevitable loss is protected, and the service then falls into the function of money.

My idea is to build a huge vertical farm over Alcatraz (an island in San Francisco Bay) is based on a Vertical Farm proposal by a visionary professor at Columbia University. Also, in my passion for real estate, mI have a predilection for poisoned property, something seen as having no value (STM, standard mode of thinking) can be recreated. Although Alctraz is under the protection of National Park System, and many will be offended at rhe loss of a prison and fort, I would quickly point-out that The Golden Gate Bridge was built over an historic fort, and that progress must be debated on the highest level for projecting ourselves out of an historical paradigm in the exigencies of the future.

My process is creativity. (Creativity ALWAYS bumps up against the normal view, what it is that most people think and established as a way. The fundamental process of society is to institutionalize, in order for security to be that things don't change. Hence, growth is governed by restraint. See POST after....)

Systems can be constructed to "manufacture" food with little harm to the environment, as contrasted to the decimation of landscape, waters and aquifers, poisoning of fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides, brought-on by flat farming. The current practice has been functioning for thousands of years, and now presses against natural limitations, there is no more land to destroy for crops that may or may not come in.

The fact that the need and the exploitation of land to fill that need is so predominate, and based upon the free access, or low cost, use of land, that it forms an apparent truth, -one that is essentially unquestioned by society. Does over-grazing serve the public, or the farmers, and why does the public suffer the consequences, i.e., bad weather, as if it comes on high, as from God, or another sorce looking down upon mankind.

Rain water comes from the body(earth), not the sky.

Furthermore, there is indication that de-forestation, over grazing, huge land tracts removed from natural vegetation will affect the rainfall, which relies on the circular passage of water through vegetation to the sky, bringing rain, fulfilling the aquifer. If this is not true, then why do crops frequently fail? The natural balance is upset, on a massive scale.

The Public Good in this case is second to the farming concerns, but more so, second to the rigidity of farming practice, as something that cannot be changed except by further ruination of earth and water by overwhelming cataclysm. The Public is given the good of food, hence, all goes for food, and farming. Lost is the symbiosis of man and earth, seen in simpler times as feeding the mouths, now seen as, market grabbing, or commodity manipulation. The elements, -wind, sun, rainwater, support as much as ravage farming. The advantages of hot house farming, enclosed from the elements, far outweigh (in yield versus ruination) the continued exploitation of the Public's good.

America has been a force in the green revolution, resulting in an amazing surge in farming output in the last century to feed the world. Now, by extending our knowledge and power to change how we grow essential foodstuff throughout the world, which now feeds itself by the established practice, America can create new effective ways to grow food, -and, reverse the balance of destroying natural landscape. If rain forest decimation of Brazil is any indication, the world is out of control and will suffer changing weather patterns as a result. Rain is essential to flat field farming, change the body of earth, you change the weather.

My proposal is a creative aspiration. For California to build a model Vertical Farm hemisphere in San Francisco Bay would produce food, using sun and rain and sea breezes, and draw water from drainage from the land nearby, but more than that, it would be an inspirational monument to all who see it. Mankind needs to feed itself, yet flat farming has reached a destructive level. We cannot afford to accommodate ruination out of fear. We need be creative with outr resources.

The Growth of Global Farming would glow in the night, an icon of productivity under the growth design of man's mind. It would be a presence in the day, a radiant symbol of the Future, a sun to human efforts. The yield would be a beginning, of this experiment, and of thousands yet to be built in every city in the world. In the midst of the city, San Francisco, California, in the greatest of all farm states, it will be the lamp of the future, as once held by the Statue of Liberty, and shine upon all the world. The intent of America is now to be committed to show the way for all people to feed themselves.