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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Searching for understanding, and trying to get it down as video,

and not words, is the only resolution I have made

in anticipation of another great year, 2009 AD.

Surfing the Future

Commenting on NYTimes opinion: Surfin Bush
"Rich is another columnist who doesn't need to be read to understand. Coagulating anger is simply turning the table the wrong way. Bush is merely a guidepost in Time of changes that had to come as result of a generation of aggressive contemporary living and investing (the smaller sense of an obtuse word for self-interest or greed) fueled by exploitation and coffee. We are the Fools, not Bush, because we fail to recognize the urgency of our needs, feeding a planet. The Times is at the pinnacle of our society in anger manipulation, and a low point in self-realization."