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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Seeing the Future

At all times, society runs according to the institution at hand, and in the so-called free press state of democracy, the structure is constantly being undermined to proof the validity. Natural forces play more powerfully than natural disasters, meaning of course, the political currents preponderate even when they steer the boat over the falls. The current paradigm has been in effect for centuries, feeding the people, or flat farming the world into extinction. Now we have a situation that requires surgery, for all health can degenerate into the hands of the cut-throat, where the miracle of life is taken over by the organism in healing the mind. The times need a visionary, and one is at hand. Dickson Despommier

My travels display how my mind works in turning over variables looking for creative answers, so given the hard evidence of the essays in Vertical Farm dot com, I wonder to what degree is the truth. How could so many people be wrong at one time? Does the world really believe that money and wealth are the central protected rights of the few, when so many people are at the edge of night?

I live in Walla Walla, Washington, where floods dumped alluvial soil as deep as six feet in an area one hundred miles square. Treeless, the landscape is farmed for wheat, as purely superficial crop as can be seen for miles and miles. Feeding people is not the issue, commodity grabbing wealth is the only fact, and farmers can count profit years on fingers of one hand.

I traveled to Panama, where the landscape is farmed, but now exploited by northern countries for resort atmosphere. Few places suggest more potential for vertical farms as they are constructing resort towers for the wealthy, and crushing the people from the land.

Most recently, I am in San Francisco, the state that rivals America is scope as an independent food producer, the Governor is nothing short of king or president. But like all things, we must answer to the institution, the flat farmers are supreme in productivity, and also in closing the landscape to extinction.

To Governor Schwarzenegger:

The island of Alcatraz Prison is a perfect site for the construction and modeling of a new era, that is, Vertical Farming. Visionary Dickson Despommier of Columbia University has made an outline of the impending problem of world farming requirements, reducing an area the size of Brazil to flatland farming, on this website,
Read the two Essays. He has been publicized, but the time has come for the focusing of intelligence to formulate and model other kinds of farming potential, that is sustainable.

California is of course, the best and worst of farming and subsidiary problems, -water. I request an opportunity to bring Mr. Despommier to meet with the Governor, and discuss the potential for California to be the spawning ground for a technology that will be needed throughout the world, and as well, the benefits which defy the Political State.

The project idea is to build a Verti-sphere over Alcatraz, that is clear to the sun and full of a productivity of food, fired by solar, and fed by water from the sewers of the city. To build something that does not despoil the land, raped the aquifers, create no pollution, and drain no herbicides into the ocean. In short, A NUCLEAR REACTOR without plutonium that does not burn life to embers but gives life a method, and a new beginning.

Preposterous as the mind functions, the potential is to flagrantly build a symbol of the future mid-bay San Francisco, that will illuminate the minds of all who see it, and many will come to see it, and to cast a light over all mankind.