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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Creative Method

For years, I've watched myself think in creative terms, but to no great achievement, rather an endless tale of ideas that inevitably bump against the hard wall of society's institution. To think in these terms, one must need be skeptical, then dimensional because in order to create a new solution, one of potential, then shuffling the parts around against hierarchy, in a sense anarchy, all parts equal, gives then a potential new vision. That, is dimensional, and not all people think in terms of structure, or architecture, i.e., do you enter a building from the ground level, or from the middle or top level?

Today, the real world is seen in brutal reality, the passage is, not what might be or would be, and not an oasis. Change is traumatic, decisive, complete. The dead are dead, the new day is without the dead, leaving the memory and legacy, but, taking up a new hand of cards. Can we reinterpret the intent, finesse the stakes, or live by the old intent, watch the eroding principal. We see it in hand or through the sources, and the daily reality is seen as spin, what the media would have you believe, usually the facts are expressed brutally, and these become quicksand beneath our feet.

Media's interest is in security, because it is an island of repose, something all need to gain perspective on life. But as Media does not simply inform, only nature does in the search for meaning through science or philosophy or other sources, Media directs attention to destabilizing thoughts, obsessive vernacular, spurious attention to non-productivity, and weakness. Strength comes from doing, proceeding onwards, casting asides doubts, taking-up the challenge.

If you believe media, then it is antithetical to being creative, for that lies in spiritual truth, or that which is evident to you. In Media we live winning or losing or being a variety of emotions through others doing, like sports, or the illusion of actions, in created scenarios. The Bible was the scenario of yesterday, man needs scenarios like food and water, or not just needs, uses them to expand or fill the mind. But the activity of being is doing, and this is an example of finding spiritual truth, taken before and during and after an operation to rehabilitate my damaged hands.

The point is that the impossible is possible, only that we must move out media network thinking, those sources that tell us what we need to think, and think for ourselves. The idea is the idea we are presented everyday of our life, and discard. Sometimes, the creative spirit does just what it is supposed to do, create a new life!

The market truth is that anything must be sold, and to that end it must be acceptable to the understanding of the market. New ideas can be grasped, though it must be the right time, and people are on that kind of a learning track. For example, the great leap from PC-dom, has been made by hand-helds, and ipods, and cell systems (Apple) to what? The future of all that has been. Bringing along society is very much where we are. The world has leaped forward by absolute, nearly, communication, where people are autonomous, nearly, in problem solving (information=Google). In fact, so much so, we wonder at the ineptitude of the world states, and conflict, and differences, but maybe that's a naive American view... but I think, hardly not.

The objective is to free-up old intent, not live by the word, re-interpret the word continuously. The world is dominated by moneyed interests that are governed by bodies that are influenced by the established moneyed interests. Public Good, on the other hand, is in the same boat, floundering in the seas after the last empire has sunk, still breathing, eating, living the old institutions. Bodies simply cannot easily change because of consensus, while money is actually the fuel that drives innovation, and by moneyed interests. Still, the boat lurches and is wobbling because of various other interests, like religion, farming, oil, preservation, any and all things that want it to stay the same because these enjoy power and money, quite simply.

Imagine the energy of a million cars driving around cities at high speeds, and forget that just you are in a car with your life of questions and solutions, your cell, your family, your business, and see that a million cars are about you, streaming with similar thoughts, wonder at it. Have we come so far from hunting? Yes probably, because we think in terms of good, and why are we not so, or how do we get it? Or we think, how good or bad we are individually, and ignore the power of being together. We loved Kings, they could be good or bad and always noble, and now we love Presidents because they can lift us from our indolence, and consumption, fortify our thoughts, or incite our anger, and help us believe the goodness and mercy of the democratic revolution.

Throw your hands down and celebrate being, then beware because you'll come smack-up against the more powerful meaning of old, just past, yesterday's institutional belief systems, like living 'according to the founding fathers.' Nothing is worse for health, and the future, so avoid it, brush it off your shoulder, and survey all that you are and breathe deep the new life, your new life. The communities will not die away, they are constantly re-furnished by humans who fit into the roles as old members die away. Their life is in a society of skeletons, constantly un-reinvented, lived intermediably for the good of nothing except their power in old pharaohs clothing, -mummified.

Creative lives are a balance of old and new, for we are mammals, and grow from families, and give our love and attention to our past in this profound way, but look-out, make sure that the future is your pleasure, your investigation, your answer.