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Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Choice

Stawberry fields in Watsonville CA, are highly poisoned for crop of beautiful fruit.

The clear and present truth of America's future lays in the use of technology and expertise to feed the world, and stop the ruination and despoiling the natural landscape into farm land. If nothing else, the kind of climate change that has become apparent in the west of America, is attributed to the property rights of farming, over-grazing and depletion of aquifer. Water is not from on high nor is it from beneath the earth, but is a circular flow from earth through vegetation and forestation into the sky, and return. The most fundamental balance has been abrogated by exploitation with little hope of salvation.

Water Rights, for farming but not for the Public Good.

The imperative of progress can disallow the continuation of what is in effect. Almost universal in societies all over the world is farming. Soil depletion and the opposite solution of boosting the capability to produce causes fertilizer residue, herbicide and pesticide run-off into waterways, seas, and ocean. We turn a blind eye upon our excesses, and favor those who destroy and cause damage to untold people.

Changing this course that has occupied man since before history is formidable. Yet, the twentieth century has been a period of endings and beginnings. Foremost, the civilization fought the replacement of the horse by gas driven vehicles, and ended for practical purposes the dependence on horses. Oil & gas is another phase, and that too shall end, by the imperative, not of oil depletion, by by replacement and universality. Ideas and theories too are up for grabs, and the mind of mankind can turn on a dime in belief systems. Is it so hard to believe that Mohammed was a warrior, and that Militant Muslims, hundreds of years later, still are occupied by that methodology? No matter how passive the Koran?

We believe in what is, and are skeptical and reject what will be. At the same time, we treat visionaries as entertainment, loving to hear of the fabulous, but mindful that we are pursuing goodness by maintaining belief. The car you see bearing down upon you will hit you, so you better step aside. Open your mind. Believe not in what you are told but what your body tells you, your mind will save you, you are a creator and that next moment of stepping aside, the action, is because you listened to you. Spirituality is what is evident.