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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Prostate Saga

Hidden between the cracks of all the excesses of our society lies the prostate gland, the male receptor like the feminine, comes down the long road of life when the aging and physical decay push its malady to the surface of understanding. The prostate functions like a starter in a car, only that can be replaced, where the prostate can only be maintained, or removed, or it acts as a function of termination. Not many admit to the demise associated with these problems, but behind the shadow of illusion in our society, this is larger than life. How many men will admit to it, other than to their doctor who prescribes pharms, an action that exposes the medical institutions lack of understanding or remedy. Then there are the natural cures, pumpkin seeds at my local organic market were depleted and all other bins full, you see, there is demand for its cure. The manifestation of swollen prostate can be chalked-up to age, difficulty in urinating, sitting on a golf ball, despondency, overeating or drinking, or all the maladjustments of being not loved in a society of male-women. NFL sports are for women now, why else are the biggest advertisers cialis and viagra?

The prostate saga begins with the demise issue. The bottomline is the rigid male intellect, how hard it becomes when lost in the desert of dreams.