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Thursday, February 03, 2011


High above river Run base lodge, 2000' up at 7800' above sea, you are brought by an amazing gondola ride, even if you don't ski, there is a wonderful lunch in the Roundhouse. This is my window view at lunch, shot sitting down with my cell camera, and that's the mountains with Ketchum in the foreground, and Sun Valley just behind. Unrivaled scenic picture! Afterwards, the descent is too marvelous to comment upon, so here is a video. Enjoy.

Oh, and how did I find it? The most savvy real estate broker in Ketchum, a skier, skate skier, hiker, lover of all winter sport here in the valley, Alexandria Hughes.

It seems that Sun Valley is waiting to be discovered, it's vastness has plenty of room, building in the New America.