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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Slumming" in Ketchum: Secondhand Shops

Elements Salon, a consignment shop is for the traveler, located off the centre of Ketchum, in a hotel complex facing the mountain backdrop, demur and intimate, this vein is off-track betting, where you might travel to the end of the earth to find what your heart's desire might be. Of all, here is a secret place, 5 signs out front suggest that the stock is not well-worn, discrete perhaps, like some luxurious piece of fantasy, given-up in foreclosure to the bankers row.

Deja Vu, Collector Vintage, an amazing shop of items, fancy cowgirl boots, neat and ordered display that makes you want to move in, like Christmas morning, items galore! Unlike the other shops, this is upscale rent, a massive modern building of fancy shops permeated by a lower flower shop, and an Asian Fusion restaurant when you need a break. Come here well before Christmas and do it all in one shop..

The consummate clothier of fashionable contemporary clothes is Consign Design.
I think I'd fly from Florida or New York, definitely L.A. to shop here, a rack of furs, when the last recession hit, the bottom line is when the lady gives up that warmth, that wrap, that heaven for to pay the bills, and here is an amazing selection of sensual attire, timeless, and contemporary. She said, "I am packed to the hilt with all sorts of things." This is possibly the best shop in the Valley.

Last, and the first second hand my guide showed me, was a treasure hunt of value. The Gold Mine supports the massive local library, and literally from the pile of cast-offs that can get 8' high, they sort out racks of winter summer hiking skiing clothes books, skis even, you name it, cashmere sweaters galore! The people are real and if you're looking for an item, she will take you through a maze of racks looking for the item, that was last seen..., when? You may find that the revolving racks of clothes has been through many seasons, remembered items of long ago, but you want to marry the woman because she is the best extra looker you'll ever find! I'd recommend a lunch counter here.
Here's the goldmine. See anything? They find stuff you wouldn't believe...

Ketchum is a marvelous place to shop and dine, and of course winter sport, but downtown is a singular feeling of white puffy clouds like heaven all around, snow covered mountains you see, everything is so special, I love it!