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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vibrations as Healing

Many people have a process for marking time as the body acknowledges and recovers from trauma, colds, physical congestion, even disease, that the pharmaceutical medical industry does not exactly recognize. The use of herbs and natural diet are seen as not as effective as drugs, which some affect the body extremely well, by eliminating perception of malaise. Pain reduction, elimination of symptoms, and relaxation are essential time binders, that is see you through a hump to more placid waters. The body heals, and the body also demises. In every instance, facing demise, one has an opportunity to assist the process of time spanning by attending to basic body functions by vibrating, or toning, to aid in essential living patterns. To be still and sick may only further encourage the stasis of congestion, while motion, even as subtle as vibrating the sinus passages, throat passage, chest, may give means of occupation to encourage healing. Antibiotics are emphatic quick fixes, but vibrations may be well overtures to lymphatic health. Vibrating a tune or a omm, or just focusing on localizing vibration, is good to relieve midnight night sinus or throat cold symptoms, further uses cannot be bad but good. The belief in medical remedy can preclude vibrations, exercise motions in terms of time, speed of reaction, suffering symptoms to suffering remedy. Belief is time. In cultures where time does not play as intense a role as Western culture, work schedules as well social schedules, health can get twisted as a knot in the midst of multiple hierarchical schedules, -use dance, singing, powwow ceremonies, community passion plays as a way to encourage the very elemental aspects of vibration, motion, health.

Additional video taken in Joshua Tree of 2 women, toning for health, here, the world health is purely a metaphor for intrinsic health, all more worthy avenues than over the counter health.