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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time is


When one considers advancing toward the dream of the future today, don't read the NEWS, any news is more booze. The healthy body functions according to basic drives, which are only undercut by looking too intently on a time frame, or, allowing corporate/financial entities to have their run of the world. Both are packed with self-interest, but the latter is often full-bore, out of control GREED.

Where is the oft heard center of world financial concerns, YES that's right, WORLD TRADE CENTER town, Mike Bloomberg's New York City, on these matters.

After all, he expressed interest to be Leader of the Free World.

At least Spitzer was a gladiator of the same ilk, he talked the talk, walked the walk, and burned with the best of them. Where is our mild mannered billionaire?

News media is one thing, a delivery form of information. Ross Perot, in an rudimentary effort, tried to show the business of life to the people. Charts, graphs, knowledge of the daily action is more about seeing the rhythms, than catching the panic rocket over the cliffs of doom. Why would the mealy minded greedy financial-ites run for cover when the country is inhabited by solid American stocktaking, investing, working people. The People carry the country, and tolerate the greed. But why? The blood is rich and good out here. But in NYc, the blood is weak and herd-oriented. Where's the fabled Bloombergian World?

Where is the change apparent if not here? Our American candidates run for President on lies that sell the People short. Where is the demonstrable truth, if you will, of numbers and migrations of business so essential to contemplate? Short term thought has lots to do with making a solid future when it is built for the People to learn and build strength. Not The Fed, The Presidency, The Stock Markets, but the People. So far, Mike Bloomberg, even though he brought the beauty of information to the financial greed-ites and perpetrated his own bundle, has failed to bring it home to the revolution of the People.