William Wheeler Anderson IMYIM, I am why I am
Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Oasis

Spring flowers are floating gently past in the air of coming summer, but tis still cold, or cool. Current hysteria has grown in the world at large, where the financial disasters have modulated into agriculture and food riots. Enough said. The world is not perfect, nor is it America, but like here there are market manipulations and levels of greed everywhere, only without the depth of our cirlces of community. These circles, overlapping by association are the strength of the American culture. In other places people react to more singular force that controls the society, and we mistake their world view for ours. Many belabor the cost of the action in Iraq, but look at the War between the States, and the sheer number of deaths that pounded the Union. Americans are too quick to avoid the responsibility to build a world nation of peoples, one that consolidates true religions and communities of nations and interests into the one strong God, that of communication and resolution to a union of All Peoples. Little else is more important.

Have you forgotten the reason of being?

Forget? More that I don't remember until one point comes out then another. You know perfectly well otherwise why would you be there, and why would I be able to tell you anything, when everything is there in the unopened book that is you. Tis a far better book than The Book.