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Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's the Matter?

So what's important anyway? Oh gosh, there are so many things that clog our minds, the weather, the doom and gloom of the world, the price of food, the price of gas, the pension disappearing, the steadily increasing income, getting too old to relate to advertising, too sick to contemplate health, and the politics of absurdity. I can't speak to any of these on a short list, because the point is what's important. Everything and everything not on the list.

Where is the entry level to streaming life, where everything that is important plays second to everything on a higher level. Not lower, it is easy to go down to where most people inhabit the world who live in the process stress. Actually most people in the world just live, according to means and expectation. The higher level is where things are seen in order of need, inspiration, vision, that is, where life constitutes a moral reality fully expected and understood. Not recycling, or Green, or Christian, or anything institutionalized or program-itized. You are the orb of the world, it begins and ends with you.

The curious fact of life is that it is either fantasy or reality. One keeps all doors shut so there is no entry, no further progress, while the other flings every unimagined door wide open. This is not a consumer practice. Anybody can buy anything if they can afford it, or not, rather it is test the unknown. Asking to be given a chance to learn the most important things, how people react or work with you. The education is academic, but the education you get is physics from day one.

Still, the soul knows no depth as despair, even perceived despair, and our waking nights are full of the worry of our sleeping days. If you ride the wave of a sports team, prepare for demise, and if you throng to the calling of the political jargon, you live in lies. The fall is greater than The Fall from the Garden of Eden, for if you judge things to be true, then watch "Casey at the Bat", or watch the electorate judge on illusion, and be prepared for the worst. Not what they think or do, but what it does to you, and you let it, or can't help it. Important? That's balancing your equanimity. And, it's your belief in the truth of being....

This Spring moment is particularly good for reassessing the matter at hand, so a friend clues me to a refresher, an 18 minute prayer called Mahamudra Meditation, here, in which the dude tells us, and the video edit reinforces us as one being told to tune into the present. We are also given the role as observer. The key phrase is GET NAKED, or, let it all hang without the clutter we cherish in our past and future that stimulates our regression into anger and foolishness. OK. Easily said and done, as well, beautifully vocalized by the group leader, but..., maybe pharmaceuticals are just as effective without the ingrained discipline which most find so distasteful.

My work has reflected on such a circumstance, that a prayer led by a priest is nothing more than observance, or television entertainment, until one acts. These people's mission is to go out and extend the teaching through their own ability to reflect on the message, a universal message brought to us by many others. The crux of it, The Cross, is not repeating the words but re-creating them in your own image. A teacher merely points a direction, and the disciple becomes master when pointing the re-created direction, and message. All Peoples are masters, or can be if they consider themselves as learner of that which they understand most clearly, what is within them. The Meditation is then only worth as much as those who go forth further in their own creativity. (The essence of Creative Community Building,here, is learning video as a voice, more powerfully communicative than words written or spoken.) This brings us here. Somewhere further on than erecting pyramids and temples to human/animal gods..., we have progressed.

The great unknown is approached when fuller knowledge of being is apparent to All Peoples together, and that metabolizes against the power-mongering, commercial interests in the world. For this, we value Hope.