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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Walking in Sunlight

If I was to say anything about being in a beautiful spot on earth it would be that it is Heaven. Earth is lower case first letter, and Heaven is uppercase first letter. One is a reality of perception, while the other historically is a reality of projection, but my association with Emerson taught that they are one and the same. It is the walking that completes the mystery because the space becomes movement which is life as the human being understands it, -when you stop or the object of your love stops, there is the end of life.

Compounding an already complex perception of joy is the observation by manipulation of the hands, the eye, and a tool to record such is the video camera. The result is a testimony to being there, where you are unique, and then to let others share via exhibition or NET. Those who just vieware not to be unique, except in an observing way, rather, to be inspired to find the way to yourself. It is in the Creative Moment that earth and heaven become epiphanic, and, you float with the Angels. A salvation of self becomes that Moment, re-creating the world, your world which is the only world, in your image.

Retrenching on an idea of self through TV watching, sports, or news only de-magnifies being, makes the human being a product of marketing, a number of those who do or don't, another cheese puff in a plastic bag, -essentially dead.

Why would we want to be dead when living is too profound as we capture our image upon the screen or wall before us? Many would not think this way but choose to just do, but others coupled to the incredible technology available today might see it as the religious experience given to their own spirituality.