William Wheeler Anderson IMYIM, I am why I am
Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Water Thoughts

My thoughts are not new, just observations. Like that one on the tree
epidemic in New Mexico. Dried dead trees no longer cycle water
through the atmosphere. Sun hits the turf, up water goes away. Then
there is no more water but deeper down in the sand. There are good
reasons for reforestation along waterways and any area not being
farmed. Farming is more of the depletion of resource that we see in
fishing. Use it, lose it. In fact lose just about everything that
sustains human life.

Man's activity is NOT about objectives of balance. We do however like
to eat meat. When traveling through the South two years ago, there
were terrible storms. One might think that is eternal, they do. My
thought is the over-grazing in Texas Oklahoma and all the Midwest has
contributed to an imbalance. The South is an excellent place to start
grazing. It would help if they would stop raising yellow pine. In
return, we must plant large belts of forest across the Midwest, trees
and shrubs that have deep roots, fast growing, and shade, as well as
in all non-agriculture/farm territories. Stop the over-grazing by law,
and by rotation.

The nature of democracy is the right to take and deplete. While
regulation and restriction is operatively bad to growth, the vision we
need is to organically support activities for all people.