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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sic ad hoc Media Baloney

Needlesstosay, these are momentous moments, referring to the play of events in the Media, we are awesome and self-absorbed, but, it helps that this Western town is all flowers and springlike weather which was in place a month ago. The East is not so, buried under snow and cold, it's no wonder that the people there are crunching under self-importance rather than humor. NYkers lead the pack, but DC-ites are close behind, while in Boston are the Hahvardians are just basically frozen in their theological roots. Psycho-drama is rarely seen or heard in perspective.

The Media, bless their little souls, run after any abrogation of the imagined public good, like a Good Citizen calling any individual expression a crime against the state. Reporters run so hard after the sensational moment they frequently ride on the coattails of their bretheren heading for the cliffs no less. Find an original thinker there who has some perspective and reflection is rare. The point is, all this crisis is more of the same greed and cold-weather finger-pointing so typical after a long Winter, hello folks, move SW, or prepare for the NE to break-off the continent and plunge to the depths of it's narrow-minded Hell. The NE is lost, it's hegemony gone, the fiduciary Art World is the mineshaft parrot, dead by decree of the absurdity of living in a past aesthetic. Hillary, the now dark horse, is only good because if the Clinton magic makes the dark horse a fable of win. Nobody wants to be in the wrong end of the plane.

Obama. Hope. A methodology more important than gasoline which just runs cars. Aspiration and election to Hope is not for a now dowdy HRC (She doesn't get it. Bill doesn't tell her. He doesn't get it.), or even a stylistic and suave BO (Who holds the Arthurian sword just as surprised as Arthur was.), but, he has raised the flag to the future. It was once thought to be the flag of Bill's placating assuredness, for the people were sure he was talking to them. It is fact that the people are now doing the talking. The Bushes at least can be congratulated for advancing the cause of unifying the world, but that might be too far-fetching for Media Minds -far better to be dragged on the coattails of doom. The relationship of the King to the Press is gone. The Press is bench-lifting their own egos.

It is world of issues and the American World is far-reaching in the absurdity of marketing the flavored, scented soap of Sport Politics. Recognize that it is this that we want and need to advance and hold the line. It is a Bloombergian World, and the Wizard of Oz will be dead unless he moves to consolidate the dogma. Maybe he doesn't know. His columnists certainly don't know.

Last month, at the end of a two week business trip East, I was sitting in a grille in Union station D.C., eating lunch, watching
Silda and the snake Spitz on TV. Wow, the most momentous turn of the pre-election election. Escorts may be the best litmus test of the state of our society, certainly the NE/NY center of corporate greed, for how greed and self-satisfaction dominates the hoarding mindset is truly tragic, for it is the engine of our larger mission to convert the world into a democratic state for All Peoples.

The vision of our forefathers has changed, didn't you know? We are committed to more than converting 2% of the greediest, fattest, bunch of self-serving escort/slave acquiring jerks who think being a billionaire is the answer to life. The 19th century missionary spirit has waned. It needs viagra. To think so is the remarkable thing about America, for a woman recently said to me that half of American men can't even get it up. One imagines the Bloombergian World is negotiating, and hopefully not wondering, a role in the future of American Peoples. We would like to see that up.

Recently, I had to go to Maine where I lived for 25 years, but now I am buying a house here in the West, in a burgeoning family of man compound, where we watch amused the trials of those energy-centric, abused people back in the NE, who are cooking in their furnaces, and NOT in the human race. So so much, how it all is focused on the wrong things, and the Media can't help themselves, being dragged along by their own lack of insight.