William Wheeler Anderson IMYIM, I am why I am
Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Silda 4 President

Sitting in Union station Grill eating white bean soup with southern
flair reminded me that being 1000 yards from The Capital was as good
as any place for an epiphany, and there came before me Spitz and Silda
resigning the Gov.ship in NY. Chatting with a woman next to me, and
watching, while eating, Silda grew in my eyes. Hillary never could be,
as this woman expressed, in her eyes and knowledge of the turn in
fate. Silda is kind of an inverted power, without Bill's hungry eyes,
even Spitz couldn't be assessed in the same way as the former
President, where HRC's ambition is to her husband.
In this case,
Silda's ambition is our pain for her, and ourselves. Imagine a
governor riding down the waves of greed emanating out of Wall Street
and taking them on, only to be sucked into the vortex, and eaten. No,
her stature is of the modern day Jean d'Arc, and we are her legions.
Not against selling sex, for that is the mainline of our 9 trillion
dollar consumer market, rather kicking the greed in the teeth and
making it responsible to the people. When Silda gets mad, it won't be
at Spitz, it'll be at the ongoing unbalance of financial/corporate