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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teens and Drinking

L.Clancy " Drinking can make people STUPID for a long time, even more so for teenagers, whose brains are still developing and consequently, apt to suffer lifetime learning and memory deficits."

Yes but, is drinking stupid or the society we live in stupid?

Jeffery Sachs, "His thesis: Mankind faces catastrophe unless we work together to adopt sustainable energy, decelerate population growth and help the poor escape the poverty trap. The solutions are within our reach, he says, and the costs will be relatively modest."


Drinking is not a problem, it is an answer to the immoveable aspect of Maine life. Locals and new people from away are invested in a deal they see as perfect, i.e., the view of Maine the way we like it. Don't change it, is not the phrase we need. The intent is create the future, let our children be that process, which is to open ourselves to ways to overcome the mindset we love to think as 'real Maine.'

[news item] Good Citizens & Planning Board preserve Camden Harbor, but really, only saving their narrow view of what is important. If only they could save the community from drinking their lives away because....

Children and adults will continue to drink and drug out their minds until the communities join together in trust to solve problems and create new models of growth.