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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Video and Toning

The art of visual comprehension encompasses many aspects of life, now the ipod makes music a constant interpreter of reality, and this goes with previously separate inputs, as the ipod comes home or in the car. Recently I was in a friend's bungalow with an ipod of 4000 songs, playing constantly, never the same song. Music has become another natural sound within our perceptive world. Hollywood and the music business are married and something like the best movies, all movies, use the sound of music to give depth and meaning to scenes.

A question might be does the infusion of music really augment thinking, or defer thinking, or simply assuage the bumpy ride of life. As a videog, the past years of copyright and impossible permissions on the level of human creativity have been difficult. You create using the models before you, but the music and movie industry does not allow you to use a poignant song to augment your video, -publishing on Facebook means a screening of video, soundtrack infringement is a copyright violation. This is one of the tolerated crimes against the people who are marketed melody but cannot use it in a personal sense.

So with a software industry of tools we are set on a course of creativity that must circumvent the copyright obstacle, submerging sound into video is, in short, nothing different than poetry in the 19th century, where one poem inspires another. Eventually we either come up with an answer, because video is visual, needs something sound to bring forth the idea into a piece, a statement.

My interpretations are not radical, meaning is a sequence of form, color, matter, mixed with human understanding, that is, if the viewer can let go of normal produced patterns and expectations, and read the poetry. Call it random, see it shake, the very likes of yourself will be recognized, or not, as it is just what it is, an interlude in Time.

In a world of production, our understanding is keen. What is radical is seeing the video as more important, more powerful, more unique than the soundtrack content, and yet, we are comfortable with talking heads. TV must seek the route of normal representation, and viewers who have to work on their own feeling will go elsewhere, to another channel.

In this video, seeing the video as a passage way, and the soundtrack is the air and light we are seeking. I was at the edge of the sea, in Nice France, walking as I do, along the way looking for inspiration, the sea presents a place and time, late afternoon the sun shines on the walkway, the pattern of the cement become the vision and the song transports the viewer along the way, and there are human forms as we love company in life, and the last scene brings the lushness of color and a return to the horizon which was lost in the emotions of the song. The sea and thundering waves and a passing artery of cars were always present behind the song, the toning, the vibration.


Afterwards, there is the gratification of knowing, of feeling, of wondering, why this is important. Perhaps, it is not important. In Art, the importance is in the moment, the perception of something greater than life itself, the paint, the sculpture, the interpretation is so singular, that one must have it as a guidepost to feelings, and to any work of Art. That's the business of art, the progressions are seen by the most careful and knowledgeable intellects, who passionately bring art of the common platform and celebrate it as unique, both for collector, and auction.

There is another understanding lost to the mind of value, the teaching of a way, seeing as knowledge, yet un-categorized in a meaningful way, because it always comes back to monetary value, or human interaction. Whether ten people, or a million people see a video, it is but a flicker in human understanding. A video of a man or woman who changes the lives of millions, is still a flicker. Pyramids were built to the lost art of human power in perpetuity. I am more curious that the Sphinx was made of alabaster than identifying a god or human god or, isn't the man who made it, the god.

The making of video is art, the god is the eye that chooses to see, for oneself, to learn a melody of form, apart from the crass understanding, apart from the art intellect, the vibration of mind and body is toning,the vibration of video is toning. All else is falling through the arranged conduits of life, unknowing we know what we need to know but don't really. I am not the word, that has been an obfuscation of understanding for many centuries, I am the vibration of being, whether in or out of video.