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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tonal Meditation

For most of my life, the music was varied and primarily seen as business, so to my astonishment, I have recently meet a sources of tonal meditation, not music business but health and understanding sounds. Healing can be widely interpreted, as giving or internalizing. What we know works for ourselves, we try to give others. Fortunately, I have been brought to the edge with an amazing source of toning..

Charlyn has that gift of bringing her tonal meditations to people, wherever there people open to listening, feeling the door open to inner sensibility, to new understanding.

Charlyn is one of the Sound Intenders, two women I found in the desert of California make the case for tonal meditation, or prayer even. Harmonia is a rare CD, of limited quantity, and recently, I have given several cuts from Harmonia to video imaging, to listen to toning with the mind's eye.

So what does it all mean? Lots. I do not represent any knowledge except what I realize about myself, what I get, and this is more than pop blues r&r, and closer to opera. As a videog, I am fortunate to have permissions to use this with my video, as a visual experience, and at the same time, as a toning experience. Toning meditation has benefits, as in singing or any vocalization, or even socializing. Talking is a form of toning. The American Indian, in ceremony is seen as singing, more toning, and no one knows how much this process was a part of the daily life, healing and correcting ailments, adjusting vision.

When you get here, away from the pop culture, the native American begins to loom as a power source. More coming....