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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Phantom Pain

Or, ppft! Away away.

My friend responded to my inquiry, about acupuncture and phantom pain.

Dear Bill,
Yes, it is very likely that acupuncture can be helpful. More effective, in
my opinion would be Buddhist medicine. That would require a larger
investment in time an travel. First better to try a good acupuncturist in
her local area.
Best always,

Of course you understand that you have a horrific traumatic experience,
in which you were essentially reborn to faith and trust in American Medicine.
You ask for someone to save you, with meds to answer your need.

No one can do what you want, and I will admit that drugs made the pain
go away for me, but that is noose to noose, you need to take responsibility.

American medicine will either help you get there, by yourself, or kill you.

The reason why there are alternative medicines is because other cultures
never had American Medicine to save them, or not, rather resources of
knowledge came from experience, ways that work to do miraculous things.
You perpetuate your dependence, and that's normal, because you don't
know of alternatives, either you don't know or aren't really interested, or
your dependency is too great and you are too weak. Judging from what you've
been through, you have a good solid desire to live, so cut-off from American
Medicine and get on with the quest.

Acupuncture is a good place to start. Questions of diet, alcohol, dyhydration,
digestion and types of food you think not about need to be thought about.
Find a chinese acupuncturist, there are many, don't be afraid to ask questions.

You've heard of tinnitus? Many suffer from ringing in the ear, and many
are driven to distraction, even suicide I'm told. Captain Kirk from Star Trek
is one, years ago, though if you see him on TV or Priceline he looks like he
adapted. Excess pressure in bowels can cause this, so drink water/liquids
during the day, and balance diet, with salt helps retention of water. The
tinnitus won't go away, just like your leg won't come back, or my hands,
we gotta live with it. I have tinnitus bad, and I lived in a super quiet house,
the refrigerator drove me nuts, I got rid of 2 refrigerators, and lived with ice
blocks because of sound, then I got smart, sold my house, moved downtown
next to a major artery with trucks rumbling by, I loved my frig, I was swimming
in noise, I didn't mind my ears ringing, it was a symphony to me!!

Pain can exacerbate in isolation! Start singing, join a choir or a capella group,
who cares if you can't sing, get out and sing. It plays big time in body
healing, you've heard of Buddhist Ommmming? I can't begin to tell you how
good it is for you, now nothing will make the pain go away, you will go
away from the pain. Are you with me? Because I'm just beginning. I know
nothing of you but what you say about your dependency. Singing, Omming,
bring you back to you, you feel you, you gotta lotta work to do Staci.

Good luck. Bill Anderson