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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Self Doubt

The interesting thing about women is, they once believed they had everything anyone wanted, -now it simply isn't the case.

They are shown to be in the world of man politics, great promoters of their main man, or in this case, McCain Man.

Election debate has a new angle on the debaters, from the rear. Problem is, this year the Republican Vice Presidential candidate is a looker, in a skirt and high heels, and a rear view camera angle was repeatedly used to show her..., well, butt. BUT, nobody seemed to notice, or mind. If the candidate was Hillary Clinton, the screams of foul play would be heard far and wide. So the politics in America enters a new phase, based on TV Media's voracious appetite for imagery, after being expanded by Hillary who ran for her man Bill, the woman candidate is distinctly different. She showed John McCain the way to an inspired choice, that the best VP is woman, stand for your man!

Bottom line is, whatever the polls say, McCain is more than a contender, he's out front, -albeit from elicit, grabbed imagery.