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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Great Deception

One might think that the current election will resolve the discontent felt by many who were cheated a President Al Gore and were bludgeoned by the lies of the Bush-Cheney White House. It all balances on what you construe as truth. Read no farther, I think you won't believe me. America is a Sports Mentality, the match is to win, and everybody plays the game as long as they can cheer a winner. For whatever you chose to believe there is a speaker or writer or blogger who will deliver the goods to you. The illusion of the winners circle is a good place for fat American. I am convicted of disbelief in the results of the market process.

We like to back a winner, and the winners tell us they are winners, and everybody thinks they will win, or win something whatever that means, usually some elevation in the status quo. The Clintons rose to power dangling carrots before the needy communities of democracy, and it is told that they accomplished great things while in office. Eight years later, most of those communities lurched forward on their own, not waiting for false promises. What was left were the so-called clintonistas, empowered by the idea of a woman in the White House. The idea has more power than the reality. So it is with that illusion, the feint hardly lives up to the task. By choosing a side based upon a sexual definition cannot take the mountain, the battle, or even the imagination of the people looking for the next great society. Hold-on, you my not believe what I'm telling you.
We are it! This is it. If it means half of America will wear red shirts, and the other half blue, then we have a settled democracy. The third half is charged with the Spiritual compliment of the American Destiny. It is said what matter win or lose, there is next year. The chagrin will never be mollified, for every interest asserts its own power, and in the weeds there are the flowers. We construct a demand that our society be productive, and plow under or herbicide the weeds, but what of a power more supreme than control? The power of choice can manifest in an ideal society, but not brokered by a politician or businessman, then who?

As it stands, McCain or Obama, makes no difference who wins, except that one side is invested in their side and the other the same. Can you believe any different? Exactly as we lve sports, we live politics, and with the same results. Nothing. Nothing but business as usual..., can you believe otherwise? After all, the pang and angst of Bush was he didn't assuage the various constituencies the Clinton had stroked so unmercifully. If you can look at it that way, you might begin to believe that it's all baloney, whether Clinton or Bush, or Obama & McCain, or even the midterm Presidency of Hillary, and, Gore who?

While Markets crash, or excuse me Merrill Lynch and Lehman go bottom-up this September, the karma has come to roost on Clinton's legacy of greed. It fired-up the Bush maneuvers in Afghanistan and Iraq, but guess what? The Clinton legacy of empowerment, yes there was a great renewal of self-worth in America and the world in the 90's, has all come to fruition, and splendid wealth must pay back for its greed. Russia is first in line, but only because they exhibit a sports mentality too, -us or them.

Americans have this fetish for money. It precludes everything that has to do with heart. Judgments are made because ostentatious wealth means more than being. More than all emotions, it carries the day, and why wouldn't it when teams spend great fortunes buying talent that can't even speak a sentence. It's equality! It's, I love that guy because he hits or drives the ball over the end line, so who cares that he doesn't care? Manny Rodriguez personifies the end of reason to sports, and if you doesn't know why, send me an email. I'll tell thee. It is compelling to watch television, to watch the sport, and to watch the huge crowds, reminiscent of the WWII films of Nazi's parading or Russian step boots marching, the euphoria, the absolute dedication to team and win win win, -is something to think about....

Of course the similarity has little to do with a war machine, only the mentality that spectates has little to do with the future. Sitting, consuming, and watching constitutes nothing pro-active about living. It is being a market blob. The value of the Dallas Cowboys is 68 billions of dollars. Did I see that correctly on the screen last night? In theory as the world capitalizes these cultural pastimes will be even more valuable. Business of business, and in these states, productivity is now attending to sports.

Of this it is true, that all people can be roped into being a market blob, and it is built on the amazing technical visual of sports TV, and second, attendance, and overall, obsessing about the win or lose. Tiger Woods, is emulated, but not equaled for concentration and focus in his golf game. People play it, but more people watch it. Sports provides a near perfect replacement to religion or politics, and in fact, the current candidates may be emulating the fast action more than the issues.

America has played the game, holding the bible up in the air, because it is said to be the source of all, the other religions have their codes which are also held up as the line to follow. Questions are answered therein. The teachings refer to the past where leaders are pinpointed for particular wisdom, the fiction of their life has been abbreviated, truncated, for the lesson. Still, a great many people look back to understand this moment, the place where they are, or the civilization is, either on or before the brink of disaster, or the kingdom comes forth. America disdains the combination of religion and state, but as a matter fact, the dogma is held-up like the bible, or the torah, or any religion, as being the word of the founding fathers. Has Mount Olympus of the Greeks re-appeared in the wisdom of a few fellows in the 18th century? Must we refer to the constitution as sacrosanct? Fortunately we have a function of government that allows modification, but can we really trust those who didn't have sports tv to project behavior in the 21st century? Likewise, can we trust those who participate as a market blob to vote? Of course we can, if we trust and believe that the numbers of conscientious humans are growing toward an affinity to the evolving future world.

To enter the moment of now, The American Spirituality Party stands for the truth of what is evident within you. Start by acknowledging health, not the epitaph projected by advertising on television and elsewhere, think about yourself. If you are guided by the bible and the constitution, both functions of past society, then a rapidly moving society of flux leaves you andthose hierarchies of idealism far behind. As the mass of people extol those past guides as unassailable, the masses are exploited by commercial interests. It is not to be a market blob which is the objective of those who would envision the future now. Look where it got us? Pharmaceuticals manufacture ailments, and market health benefits. Can we be prescient and think about health insurance in a society that grows illness?

The symbol of the market blob are the overweight humanoids who exercise highly their opinions of basic rights as delineated as "inalienable rights" by the founding fathers. These people are generally overweight, hugely often, rarely turn their focus to anything but dead ahead, the TV, the steering wheel, the cue for fast food, the supermarket aisle, anything and everything reduces choice other than feeding, which also is a direct forward concept. Body torque and discipline are responsibilities which have been discarded. Did our founding fathers not work in ways lost to our floating automobile market blob? By this alone we can discard everything of the past, but beware, not to adapt the spectatordumb as the new way.

Mobilize the army of NOT intelligentsia, comsumeria, or militaria? but only those of the believing in themselves, in their own evidence of positive growth. Teaching/learning is the ladder of activity available to mankind, and within it, bears the moral choices that presupposes the future now. Our society of communities are apparent everywhere, so we have the power and joy of being together, and sports are only communities, as politics has its own field defined by the constitution, the power to exploit 2 party communities. Logistically, the match, the competition, the head-on savaging of the opponent, is still the same, still the sports mentality, whereas logistically there are many many more operative communities who are rising to deepen the flux of direction, now held by two parties, that no longer serve effectively the interests and needs of a global godhead. Clinton dramatized the advent of a multi-party, or multi-community government, but the constriction of the constitution and the sports mind froze, and like Napoleon's France the evolution outgrew the emperor, and Clinton's attractive demeanor, listening and speaking to woes was outgrown by evolving communities he couldn't deliver to.... Woe is us, we move on.