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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Letter to Editor

To the Editor:

In these economic times, we are in this together. We have been for 200 years. By town or state, region or country, we need to build for the future. Of all the issues facing the greater Camden area, very few are about one town. That was true in the days when people lived, worked and managed their lives in one village. No more is this true.

The five town region collaborated on a high school, but refuses to see the infrastructure of roads that feed people down to the schools, or to jobs which are so important. The money is on the coast. Development of coastal property and business is Maine’s largest industry.

A recent meeting in Lincolnville with Governor Baldacci brings home the reality that the State is responsible for main roads, and the towns must service the back roads. These back roads are now main thoroughfares, because the region is thickening out with population everywhere. Many live out 30-40 miles where it is less expensive, but drive into Rockport-Camden for business.

So, what is important is our inability to see what is important. Is there any reason why the wealth on the coast should help the inland towns? Well, wealth is something, but health is even more important. Higher coastal taxes are essential, but that doesn’t create prerogatives of non-responsibility.

This brings to mind our favorite argument. God. One nation under God does not mean that the church of blank has taken control of our country. The original phrase refers to an interpretation of God as individual energy and collective energies of people, who come together for combining differences in a workable union. The higher abstraction is essential because it encompasses all peoples who congregate for the love of god, or not. Thereby these American states have enabled the growth and building of extraordinary wealth in a fast-moving society, yet, a ‘nation under god’ for which many have died defending and reaffirming this important precept. God as seen as combining energies is that big. Huge in fact when you view older countries locked into one way.

How is this relevant to the Five Town school region? It is said that Camden and Rockport Police are working on combining departments. Is this a tipping point of the iceberg? Why not go forth and create a new model entity, which surely would be able to receive state or federal funding, to reduce township log jam, and create a municipality.

The simple fact is, working together can be more efficient, produce better quality of living, and cost less is no commanding thought hereabouts. Our bureaucrats and selectmen have no desire to change the status quo, why would they? It works for them. The change will not come out of need, or automatically, it will be by only the will of the people.

Seeing growth and development as positive, not negative, is the key. Combining road departments for new and better roads is urgently needed now. Building an acceptable refuse and trash transfer station out of Rockport is essential now. Combining five town CODE and staffing a central office is essential now. Upgrading town employment wages linked to education is essential now. And, getting the government out of townships into a fast and deliberate municipality is essential now, because it is our destiny to solve problems together, so that we may go forward as a society.

Bill Anderson