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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bloombergian World - We Are The world

America is making the world in it's own image, but not like the French
think, after all democracy began there, and when it came here, it was

Cast dispersions on God, cast dispersion on virtually anything that
sells newspapers, only realize that the meaning of God is a cliché
associated with Kings, Presidents, Popes, all who speak for the gifts
from God to the people.

One Nation Under God refers to a singular spiritual moment that
created the wealthiest nation in history, not money, but ability to
see the new being, the coming reality. Emerson refers to this as "the
state of happy souls" (on earth).

"This brings to mind our favorite argument. God. One nation under God
does not mean that the church of blank has taken control of our
country. The original phrase refers to an interpretation of God as
individual energy and collective energies of people, who come together
for combining differences in a workable union. The higher abstraction
is essential because it encompasses all peoples who congregate for the
love of god, or not. Thereby these American states have enabled the
growth and building of extraordinary wealth in a fast-moving society,
yet, a 'nation under god' for which many have died defending and
reaffirming this important precept. God as seen as combining energies
is that big. Huge in fact when you view older countries locked into
one way."

A man for whom the people rally is the coming of the Messiah, but
Obama is Not the Messiah, the People are the Messiah. The moment is
not to be mis-seen as an American grabbing for attention, of health
care, for balance against the exploitation of the market, the
inordinate power of lobbyists in DC, (and who but Bloomberg sees the
practicality of elementary education as the avenue to the future), and
yes we do talk down to Americans and not UP. We Are the World, it is
a matter of destiny, it is the Peace Corp re-modeled as the creative
corp, the seeking of alternative knowledge and ways that frees the
democratic spirit and creates wealth of being.

Mike Bloomberg is not running for President? He is The President. I am
The President. The People are The President.

Too many moments are being wasted as America lives the SPORT MOMENT of
the elections, where everything is trivialized, reporters become
'whiners' for something good to write about, and everybody gets excited
by the score, not the future.


William Wheeler Anderson