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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cosmic Chronology

Dinosaur Egg on Monhegan Island

Tender paths, that's what we choose on Monhegan Island, ready for the gnarly rocky coast where hiking is 'life and limb,' ready teddy, keep your eyes on the road, nothing more than a micro metaphor of planet earth..

Only the industrial abuses are less obvious, we choose to reign as humans beings on a rock mountaintop 300 million years old, garnering old age concepts like buried treasure in the backyard of our mind. Time to load our fat bodies into the checkered cab of the past and fly forth to the new realm. What is that, you say? Leave our cherished beliefs systems that empower others to rule over the people in the name of God? Or in the name of man and woman and child, our inter-dependence is astonishing, as is our cruelty over others, just as we ignore the industrial destruction of earth.

"335 Million years ago, the first forests evolve. Over generations, these forests load themselves with carbon extracted from the atmosphere which later becomes fossilized as coal and oil. As the forests spread, amphibians transform into pre-reptilian creatures with the grand innovation of self contained eggs that allows them to move inland. The Great Age of Reptiles begins." (see link above, Cosmic Chronology)