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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Holy Trinity, Apple Google Facebook

Well Darth Vader at Google does appear in the video, and all kinds of thoughts just based on the superficiality of exterior structures, but, If you set out to draw lines between Apple, Google, and Facebook, you come up with a triangle of huge online media. And, there is something to proximity that twists the mind to visions of a holy order, or, is it unholy? Chances are the great materializing of the baby world wide web is less understood than might seem possible, after the Roman Catholic Church spent 2K years of polishing their concept of salvation. I'm ignoring other religious entities, not because America is Christian, it's not, but because in Christianity, GOD IS LOVE. In this, our unholy trinity, GOD IS SHARING.

Apple the father, Google the son, and Facebook is the holy spirit, the incredible social dynamic of God is Sharing YOU.

Yes this may seem simplistic, but the fact is, these three companies have simplified life for everybody, if upping the ratchet of capability is simplifying, Henry David Thoreau would have a commentary but I doubt if the mind can extrapolate 19th century capability with 21st century, but, then Apple does think making a book look like a book is the cat's knees....

We are making these companies richer, and with their help, are transforming who we are faster than any other type of human entities in the world today, and that means, the evolving concept of God.