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Monday, June 15, 2009

Now is the Time

Business as usual, and comparisons as usual don't quite draw the conclusions we can believe in. While it is finger pointing at government and business, what's on the minds of the people is the core issue. Not particularly accessible to a critic who can compare the thirties with the eighties, but we are in the 21st century. How people think, work, play and hoard is completely different. Hoarding is the great American pastime. So whatever anybody thinks, lets get the government back to it, -hoarding.
No no no, the time is for a massive re-addressing ourselves to, not the misery our news loves to print, to exporting our wealth and youth and expertise into the far corners of the world. Our pre-eminence demands that. Our gravy is our gift to others. Now is the time.
The curious contradiction we live is our support of Israel, when we live here as states bound to each other. How can we support a two state solution, when clearly we have learned to amalgamate and help-up our brother and sister.
Now is the time to NOT maintain the status quo, but create an America of sixty states, or more. We cannot help ourselves without helping others, in fact, until we become great in joining and gifting other peoples as one, and lose this hoarding mentality, we are nothing.