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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Peggy Noonan, Obama's Domestic Agenda Gains Clarity

In the context of readers of WSJ, numbers of dollars are the stark reality that burst. I say stark because there is little more brittle than accounting numbers. If you begin and end on that note of dollars, then you are eliminating the human factor, which cannot be valued except in more dollar numbers. President Obama merely represents the diametric opposite way of thinking, yet he encompasses the dollar number mentality, while being aware of an agenda of efforts to be more mindful of human needs. WSJ cannot encompass possibility or potential change, very few people can envision the future, so the best minds in news opinion are stuck on the known measurements. Unfortunately we have mental geniuses who everybody mirrors.

Some might even call the present moment, the word of God to move towards a renewal of intent, the Obama direction, which is perceived as a wall not a way by Republicans, and this intent is a renewal of attitudes that have hard-scraped human potential for years. Bombs are a cheap way to wage a political war, and funnel money into the military industrial complex. Financial greed serves the same end.

That agenda has been attached by the people in the name of Obama, representing more than just entitlements or health care or liberal excesses. It's a funny thing about democracy of the people, the cost of redirecting and focusing on change is worth way more than the trillions of debt batted about by learned critics. The value of Obama and the future is America, in spite of dollar fears and war fears, because the future of growth is beyond the imaginations of news opinion, -it is uncharted, new territory.

We can have rapacious Wall Street, we need it to make steps, but it is over. The trillions do not belong there any longer, LA and the illusion of media is too enticing. WSJ opinion columnists can play to the hot steamy collars of the moneyed greed, but it really doesn't matter anymore. When the payback comes, it will come big time. WSJ will say they wanted it that way, but will be sunk in a tomb of skeptical numbers. The paradigm has shifted, now the clutter must be cleared for a new day.

And later,

April 4th, 2009 11:56 pm
It's time to go forward and change the world, but it's impossible. Security means power and unrelenting obsession for making money. Jesus had it easy 2000 years ago compared to the financial mindset ruling Wall Street, the corporate world, Washington lobby/government dance, secure Americans holding the change down, institutions, and virtually everything, -even the flagrant abuse of farming and the land. What's important? Nobody knows, only that the puzzle is to break it down a little so it can make sense. The gift of America is to give the world democracy and the building blocks for human decency. Good place to start. Teach it, sing it, video it, our culture has great value to give. We are, through Obama, more powerful and rich than the fake trillions everybody talks about day in day out. More potential power emanates from LA because Hollywood is more human, a pyramid of creativity (albeit a sham compared to the real thing) but more than Wall Street ever will be. We might buy/sell shares in movies, and that'd be a better investment than any bunko sold on Wall Street.

— WW Anderson, Camden Maine