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Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

America has a Cold!

In the transition of The Presidency, perhaps more than ever, the American people have been plunged into a despair of economy and Change unlike ever before, hence, a cold. The symptoms are apparent, too much coffee and too much money, the vision had disintegrated into abject consumerism, and self-doubt. Whereas there is always the cry of lack of leadership, the cry for renewed leadership, the cry is the lack of self reliance and vision of the future. Self-doubt kills! The wholesale denunciation of the current leader has further propelled the people into a territory full of sharks, the me's, and forces the incoming leader to stonewall the political rhetoric, for..., Republicanism. The best cure for a cold is expanding the self, both physically and mentally into the future space of being. America will not regain itself until it reduces the hoard and gives itself, its vision, its help and growth, to the world. That's the key.