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Friday, August 08, 2008

Dog Daze of Summer

Warning: Summer in Walla Walla Washington can be unmitigatingly HOT, but it has not been, until now. The heat is not the point, it is a return to humidity which has blissfully not been the case, at least since the Winter, so gray for months. Dog daze has to do with the ending of the growth, the receding sun, the lawn mowing and watering, very big here as the sun takes 2 inches of moisture out of the ground every day.
More so, is the very 4th year, arrival of political conventions, meaning the politicians/media are under full swing to give people what they want, versus the kind of leadership that evolved out of the last world war. Intruding on life is our media vision is Chinese Olympics, is the anything of fabricated illusion, is the gleaming gold of our handrails, is the quest for gold, and the fear, the eclipse of American pre-eminence, and, the sign of our consumerism, the pollution in Beijing. It is as usual that opinions and desires for a better life are heard on the net, the human will exists in either form of individual freedom or collective mandate throughout the world.

These summer moments are about Time, before the back to school, back to the business of the cold, back to the low lying sun, where humans can choose to just live in the endless intricacy of the moment.
Confessional prose, isn't that the flip of confessional poetry? Only now we are in a definite new media moment, not of writing but viewing video, we seek and find that that is the answer, or has the answer, or by sheer power of hits, creates the answer. The ambiguity comes from the predominance of media. Everything works for the media. We are the audience of media. Only now we as video writers we are able to adulterate the Hollywodishness of our lives. Meanwhile, politics tickles everybody's wants, like a menu of appetizers and entrees, as if we democracy-ites truly expect fulfillment from an eternally corrupt/normal business machine. Politicozies promise 'the wants' for votes, and nowhere more than classic clintonianism. The backbone of The Constitution is sorely strained, like the bible, needs to be re-videographied. Fried like fast food. More on that coming-up.
Try this, a video of qigong. I made this with Abi, recorded her instruction, then found it was an invaluable moment because my own practice was an evolution, creativity of being instruction, my body my self, my motion. I'm not at all interested in Eastern methods and semantics, but I am interested in learning a base from which my human energy rocket can take-off.
Endless studies about sleeping pills and valium are as laughable as big belly people. Walk, or practice simple (walking) qigong, the very same as Abi but with your inspiration of being, that is, the creativity of being instruction here. Rotate your body, pump as expression, and sleep. The divine is not on the steppes of Tibet, or in the buddhist temples of the Far East, the divine is you, in you, about you, for you, of you. If your sensibility thinks, what is oriental is good, then eat rice and practice you.
Funny thing about Obama, his talk is so cool compared to hot Clintons. But where they promise you the future, Obama gets you to agree that we must change the future. The latter with hope in the community, the former with hopelessness of more egocentric leadership.
The Clintons want to give the voters, all voters, what they want even if it is impossible or not in the interests of the union/party, even if they can't deliver. The time is, not to go back, but to take what they so profoundly gave to the voters, a sense of worth, and change our future. Obama correctly identified the shift in the national consciousness.

On charles Van Doren essay, according to blog:
August 12th, 2008

Can we believe how amazing it is to read this story after all the years… Joe McCarthy would love to know that he was not the only icon of mislaid minds in America, grasping at some sense of fear to propel his star. So the so-called fraud aimed at the integrity of the expert academic is held truer than the natural evolution of TV, full of lies and pov and salacious tidbits that mock the intelligence of people. What are lies upheld by the virtuous ones, the good citizens who live according to a morality held above? CVD was truly more prescient than many would care to think, and the academic stature is hardly scraped because it already is lost. Look at TV now, academics, or liars/actors. Hail Caesar, for GB Shaw would attribute, the man pointed the way to the secret of the sphynx.