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Fundamentals of The American Spirituality Party

Monday, June 30, 2008

In The Lull of Being

Monday Morning in the Heat of Summer. Yesterday 104, today the same, a small breeze will give way to oppressive heat. The world turns, not on the axis so popular touted, or the sun revolves around our ego, the human race obsessed with need looks elsewhere than the astrological streams and glare of cosmos influences. No, the grit of getting what others have too much of blocks the realization that we have too much first, that our productivity doesn't balance our waste, that we think in terms of dread and envy, as purely the garden of Media which grows voluminously around our fears. I think it is said.. Or, I think I will say what is not said. The God of yore has not abandoned us, we have kicked it out in favor of our own grace.

bb's Video Press, www.bbvpress.com: Videos are the way to present information, community identification, poetic expression, and as well, revelation. Common uses of video are meant to entertain in the mass consumption fashion of Hollywood (Los Angeles) or television production (New York). The pre-emptive power of American Culture is firmly based on the sources. All video expression is an emulation of these ways of visualizing and capturing the minds of people everywhere. Contemporeality here, is bb's recognition of a development in video coinciding with computer communication technologies, primarily advanced by capabilities in the Apple Computer and the webcam, the demise of religious text and expectation; for as we now know, the emergence of a true American Spirituality (The American Spirituality Community), which was identified by the Concord writers, Emerson and Thoreau, but never gathered as a community of thought until now. This is seen by the expression of world view in the unique individual, flipping the pyramid of authority, to the needs expressed by the people, for ALL PEOPLES everywhere: God is the creativity in being instruction en masse, and as such, is the most important conduit of information and knowledge on Earth.