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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Will of the People: Manifesto for Change

No matter how organized and sufficient government is in the minds of the office holders, bureaucrats, and corollary organizations, it is essential that all be prepared to re-organize at the will of the people. Government is no more or less than the people. Like the brain, thousands of thousands inputs create the function, but as the environment changes, so too must the government of the inputs. To remain static, merely feeds the bureaucracy.

Energy considerations are not solutions, but an opportunity of collaboration on every level, the most profound of all motivators, the cost of energy, places this at the forefront of considerations. How are WE to deal with the insurmountable task at hand? Can we expect the government of old to imagine what cannot be imagined? Should we watch as power/energy consortiums sort it out in order to maintain healthy profit margins? Are we kidded by media's herd mentality?

No. The business of the future must be elevated, and all parties brought together to review priorities. Strength does not belong to extravagant solutions, whether dotting the landscape with windmills or damming the rivers, the energy is of thought, of creating a new order, and where does it begin? Not by addressing new contacts, but bringing together solutions in financing and construction with all contacts. Time is the essence, that was the message Al Gore brought to the table, but we continue to believe it will be solved for us.

Our candidates tell us they can be the solution, but no. We are the problem, and we are the solution. Our government and it's corollaries believe they are managing, -but what we ask? No solution is autonomous anymore. Energy solutions are not a pastime, rather a dynamic of becoming better than we are. Iraq can be your obsession, but you better begin your phrasing by advancing ways to recreate and improve our society. The politics of blame and sidestepping are self-ridicule of the first order. Winning any and every war begins on the doorstep of need to advance.

You and we need heat to survive, and even cool, and while our companies are selling systems to oil rich countries in the middle east, of course! We are trading from a national weak point, corporations are capitalizing while the country is strangling. The hyperbole is wrenching, but think about it, where is the strength? Belief systems as strong as our national mission to advance free speaking and living people everywhere is straining belief, and most particularly, on the cost of oil, and our extravagant unthinking consumption. The flip side is that we need to be smart productive, and need to sell dynamically worldwide. The global marketplace is first ours, and the most compelling reason for the development of the community of man.

The question is why we are not donning our thinking caps screwed-on straight? When prices get inordinate, we shop elsewhere. 9/11 is merely a feather stroke compared to how gas prices are shoving it to America. The emergency must be addressed now.