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Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Where am I?"

I must think about it for it is not where I have been. You know when you wake up and think you are somewhere in the past, yet it is just a dream discombobulation. I am why I am, and if so, then my dreams have a dynamic, -unsettling sometimes. I live in the Snake River basin, just below the Blues bordering Washington to Idaho. On the whole, there are no trees. Vast space all around, yet here, a quiet little burb, my nights are deep in silence. Maine was so noisy, at the Yellow House, and at Rokes Farm where the new earth house will be built next summer. I have chosen to go the the desert, man made, all grain fields, the natural flora and fauna has been plowed-under.... But nature is not the landscape, that is our perception, whereas nature is the rolling fields of emotions subject to eating, sleeping, companionship, and social/work life. All the rest, politics, religion, sports, gas prices, are just the reflection of that turgid life of the rolling emotional fields. Here, in the Palouse, life is rolling fields. See my link above, "Where am I"!

Rolling Fields from Cosmospolitan