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Friday, March 31, 2006

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The Illusion of Vision complicates indecision. The right to know is dynamic by thinking, and creating
with the tools that ours to see the future. God is apparent but only in the web of All Peoples holding hands and minds together. Priests clerics rabbis are just garage mechanics working on the old cars of people. All people are jews, all jews are people. For the Word, the abstraction of knowledge, belongs to the illusion, is the illusion. Christo's Dream.

Yesterday under the auspices of the NEW MOON, I wondered where oh where I am? And what oh what makes sense? My travels have been through New York City, where I found too cold to walk and needed a big coat, and Washington D. C., where the city was just beautifully adorned in flowers.
Any thought is lost when you're full of somebody else's agenda, suddenly you have to wonder what is it that is? There I am as I speak. One Wonders. So rest rest rest, then tighten the knot with expression, exercise, energy. I saw a woman eating the petunia in front of a hotel, mumbling voodoo perhaps. The mind is a curious place, and most often lies in a placid pool, but our vision lets in the most unbelievable stimulous, -that which we aren't, we learn by vision. Get ready for the oncoming rapids, as the float edges over into the gravity feed, the ride is the shute of life.
What to think when the sanity of all those is a hold onto the past? The only question to ponder is what makes you stop, and consider putting-on the picture like clothing to your mind. Dress in the larger of thoughts, just remember to imagine, and to see? That is the stimulous like sun of plants, give-up control and become what you are. Go Figure. I am why I am.
On a high level, not intellectually, rather like an engine idle, an idling of analysis, thinking abt things.

I am holed-up in a DC hotel, exhausted from the preceding period of investigations into my evolving conscious. Yesterday I was convinced that DC should be razed, or made into a theme park, and the operating government moved to a Arcosanti type structure that moves like in Dune, and a ship Enterprise like in Star Trek, that moves across the landscape. That is, the government and all the bureaucracy, and the lobbyists. The People have the button to destruct. The American people won't have it, unless they see themselves as more important than the king. My instinct and vision are upending, a gift from Emerson.
The byline of today's thought: Make it for speed and rapidity of movement, and best quality, not for everybody. JUST THOSE THAT GET IT. See it, and BUY IT. The American ideal? Best Buy.
The onslaught of products and in particular, Apple's influence on the consumer field, a kind of knowing, and the question, What to do with it? I've met several people with thousands of songs in their itunes/ipods, what that means is a deconstruction of want and need (an a habit to feed), and a vacuum to be filled with what? It's the commercial game. Editing at least focuses value, but then what? The ipod channel exists, the blog channel exists, other commercial media exists but who cares abt them? All is worthless (commercialism) unless the power becomes manifest in the minds of people, not their ipods or cellphonia.

Snoozed beneath peak cherry blossoms today as jets roared over coming into Reagan. An interesting aspect is the ephemeral beauty of flowers and fragrance versus the roar of machine history.
Overcartops. I've heard of the beauty of cherry blossoms given to Americans by the Japanese and planted on the shore of the Potomac in Washington, District of Columbia, and now I realize they are an instructional to our Devastating Force.

AP.30.06 I am holed-up in a Santa Fe hotel, exhausted from the preceding period of investigations into my evolving conscious. Yesterday, I was convinced of... Rattle Snake Fear: Well I decided to quell my fears and go to the basalt ridge to photograph petroglyphs, even though there was a danger of stepping on a snake. I parked the car, got everything set, took a deep breath, walked 50 steps, when my eye caught the unmistalable pattern of a snake by the path. Toll taker. Took some picts from every angle as he eyed me. Then, went-on. And, got a great day after we eyeying'd each other, something abt the surge of adrenalin.., and that broke the ice of fear. (INSPIRATION, snakebytecafe!)

We are the illusion. Hence my fascination with the snake, and the idea of snake as graphic, it is representation, and very powerful is our perception recognizing and creating the illusion. What is it that grows and knows? People.

What is the key? CREATIVITY is Nativity.